Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love illustration and I'm a bit of a magpie for interesting paper bits - letterhead, menus, discarded notes, business cards, envelopes, invitations, sugar packets, etc - so when I met someone who works in an archive that would be full of of the stuff, I asked if I could drop by for a visit. It was like some sort of flea market dream! I didn't get to rifle through so much as ask my friend to carefully show me this and that while I sat on my hands trying not to be grabby.

Sorry these're fuzzy. I didn't use a flash, and the room was a little dim. But just imagine boxes and boxes full of 80 years' worth of beautifully illustrated and designed print material. I wanted to slip something in my pocket when my host wasn't looking. I refrained from thievery, but it was hard.

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designerman said...

sounds like heaven! and great blog, btw.